As we get ready to start the process of helping you get access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in unsecured business lines of credit, we want to share with you a couple of programs that we are currently involved with. We are constantly looking for programs that offer high-yield returns to put our money to work. From our experience, the higher the return, the greater the risk, so we do not recommend using your home equity, 401K or IRA to invest with. We prefer using unsecured lines of business credit because, in reality, you are only risking your credit scores, and that can be easily fixed if something goes wrong.


Online Marketing Partnerships: Use $50,000 of your funding to partner with one of the Online Marketing Groups in our network and earn a MINIMUM GUARANTEED $6,000 per month. For more information “click here.

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Let us show you how you can earn up to a 20% ROI with a NO LOSS guarantee, and you can access your money any time 100% TAX-FREE.

Medical Receivables are one of my favorite asset-backed programs. The group I have put my money with is Chiro Receivables, LLC. They buy large amounts of chiropractic receivables at a discount and resell them for 60% of their full value. They have been purchasing chiropractic receivables for over three years, and to date they have collected on all of the receivables they have purchased.

These receivables are generally personal injury cases that they verify with both the doctor who is selling the receivable and the attorney—if one is involved—that fault has been established, and which insurance company will be paying the claim. It generally takes 6 to 18 months for the receivable to be paid. For more information, go to

Purchasers of the receivables can potentially earn up to a 60% ROI. This can be higher if payments are received in less than a year, which they often are.

Cost: $20,000 buys $32,000 worth of receivables. (Will allow first time buyers to start with $10,000)